It is bed time. You have had a long day. You have waited for 30 minutes in the pouring rain for the delayed bus, the boss was on your back, the customers were impossible, your girlfriend/boyfriend is mad at you for something you forgot, and the kids won’t sleep – a proper Monday! Luckily, it is over now. The second your head hits the pillow you realize that there are fresh sheets on the bed. Is there a better feeling? Nope. Unfortunately, we don’t wash your bedsheets for you, but we have a big selection of the best and most comfortable bedsheets from the best brands. Here you will find duvet and pillow covers, sheets and blankets. All you need to get a beautiful bed and a comfortable night’s sleep.

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9099 kr
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Bedsheets from the best brands

Whether you call it bedsheets, bedding, or linen, you will find it here. We have bedsheets in many different colours and sizes from the best brands. Here you will always find bedsheets in the highest quality, no matter which design or material you choose. And there are always many offers to catch.

With brands like Esprit, Södahl and Essenza, you are guaranteed bedsheets in the absolute best quality. Decorate your bed with the beautiful and fashionable bed blankets. They bring exclusive hotel vibe into your bedroom. The bed blankets create peace and order which makes your bed look more welcoming for you and your guests.

Dutch Essenza is a sub-brand of Essenza Home. Essenza has spent the last 30 years on specialising in producing styled interior. Their lovely products have everything from bedsheets and pillows to blankets and sheets. Essenza’s style shows in many different colourful designs. Here you will find bedsheets in all possible colours and designs. Their designs are in all sizes. Essenza makes bedsheets for both single and double duvets.

Essenza’s sub-brands also include top brands like Esprit and Marc O’Polo that produce bedsheets in the same high quality as Essenza. Essenza’s bedsheets are made of 100% cotton sateen. This guarantees high quality and resistance. It is also incredibly soft and comfortable to lie in.

Danish quality and design

If there is something, we Danes like, it is Danish products. In our eyes, Danish quality is the best quality. And it is not completely wrong. When it comes to bedsheets, you can’t go without considering the brands we sell. Everyone here is known for making bedsheets of highest quality. Their bedsheets are not only comfortable, breathable and nice, and they also live up to all EU requirements on harmful chemicals. It means that you can safely wrap yourself in new, clean sheets without worrying about health.

Södahl makes only ecologic, eco-tex produce that is free of all harmful drugs and chemicals. Their bedsheets come in a variety of colours so you can choose one that best fits your bedroom. If you like simple colours, you will get simple colours. If you prefer bedsheets with pattern, we have those for you. Here you will always find bedsheets in the highest quality that follows the time’s trends.

If you like classic, Scandinavian design, you can try out a set from Normann Copenhagen. You will find Cube and Plus models that are for both men and women. Normann Copenhagen’s bedsheets are 100% satin-lined cotton, which is why it is incredibly soft and comfortable. The simple designs allow the bedsheets to fit perfectly into any bedroom.

Always high quality

No matter which brand you choose, you are guaranteed good quality, when you buy bedsheets at Coolshop. We make sure that all our bedsheets are in top quality. It means that you get bedsheets that are comfortable, durable and nice. We take great pride in always having the best bedsheets for the best price. That is why we have hired only demanding buyers, so that we can guarantee that. They make sure to handpick the best bedsheets from the best sellers, so you can get the best possible night’s sleep. When you buy bedsheets on this page, you will not only find many brands and designs. You will also find good offers that often give over 40% discount.

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