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Philips Hue

Welcome to Philips Hue at Coolshop

What Philips Hue smart lights are you looking for?

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  • Philips Hue - Accessories/Tools
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  • Philips Hue - Accessories/Tools
    Hue Accessories/Tools
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    Hue Luminaries

Philips Hue

Philips HUE revolutionised the way we light up our home. It got more fun, more beautiful and easier. With a complete selection of lamps and light bulbs, HUE has set a new standard for lighting, that can in addition be controlled with your smartphone. The design on the lamps is brilliant, it is easy to set up, and once you try Philips HUE, you will never go back. Lamps and bulbs from HUE are the future, and the future is now. It is super smart.

Start easy

To get Philips HUE, you do NOT need to change your lamps. You only need to buy your new smart Philips HUE lightbulbs. Begin with a starter kit, which makes it easy and cheap for you to start. Buy your HUE starter kit and Philips HUE GU10 color start pack. To control the light via your smartphone, you need to get a Philips HUE Bridge. You can find all of them at Coolshop.

Philips HUE Bridge is the control box that connects to your wireless router. Bridge creates a connection between your router and your smartphone or tablet. That is the connection you are looking for in order to control HUE light in the whole home through the app, which is installed on your device. You can easily buy a Philips HUE Bridge alone, but now that you are looking for light sources anyways, it can pay off to buy a Philips HUE start pack.

We have proudly accepted Philips HUE here at Coolshop, and we can all confirm that everything works perfectly. We make a lot of effort to keep our prices updated and we constantly present great offers, so you can start with HUE in the best and the cheapest way.

How does Philips HUE work?

With lightbulbs from HUE you can easily create the perfect lighting in any room, via your smartphone. Lightbulbs from HUE have a big colour spectrum. The lightbulb is connected to the WiFi network, after which its colour can be adjusted via smartphone or Philips’ own controller. You can tone down the light, set a timer or make other adjustments that fit your mood or time of the day. Philips HUE can be synchronised with different social medias, so that the light blinks with notifications, or with Playstation, when you get damaged in the game and so on. You can also use your HUE lightbulb as an alarm, so it blinks or begins to light up softly, so you wake up with the light. Just like sunrise.

Easy setup

The setup for Philips HUE is very user-friendly and smart. All you need to do to install Philips HUE is put in a new lightbulb, connect HUE Bridge to your network and then it works. The lightbulbs from Philips HUE fit most lamps, so you do not need a HUE lamp to get all the cool functions. HUE Bridge can control up to 50 lightbulbs at once. It is this bridge that you need to connect to via your smartphone or tablet. Then you can control every single light source. The bridge has a range of presets that can give, for example, a calm comfortable light or a sharp and concentrated light for work hours. There are no limits with HUE! Personally, we have had a lot of fun connecting the bulbs to the TV for a good action movie. The light moves according to the light in the movie. Choose a film with many explosions and get the ultimate light experience.

Meet HUE

With HUE you can log in and control the light in your home at any time, from anywhere. Forget the boring timer you have installed to keep the thieves out. Now you can turn on the light automatically at a certain time or turn it on manually via the app. Use it on your way home from work, so you do not come home to a dark and gloomy house. You can also turn the light off, if you forgot to do it before leaving the house.

16 million colours

With Philips HUE you get 3 types of light sources that are intelligent and energy-saving. HUE White is for those, who want simple control and comfort, since this version creates the soft white light we know from regular lightbulbs. HUE White Ambiance supports all your daily activities, like cooking or homework, with warm and relaxing light or a cool daylight, which works well when you need to concentrate. HUE White and Color Ambiance are for those, who wants the ultimate and outstanding experience. Here you get the opportunity to get a big selection of colours for your lighting. HUE offers the entire colour palette, all 16 million options and allows you to make your own personal light show or just freshen up the lighting at home.

The 3 light sources all make your home and your daily life more intelligent, more convenient and more energy-saving. Once you have tried HUE, you will never go back to regular lighting.

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