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Gardena Smart Sileno Life 800 Lona



Gardena Smart Sileno Life 800 Lona. The smart robotic lawnmower is intended for gardens of up to 600 m². Get started with your smart SILENO city. Experience how easy it is to take care of your lawn with your smart robotic lawnmower: GARDENA smart SILENO…
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Gardena Smart Sileno Life 800 Lona

The smart robotic lawnmower is intended for gardens of up to 600 m². 
Get started with your smart SILENO city
Experience how easy it is to take care of your lawn with your smart robotic lawnmower: GARDENA smart SILENO city 600 m². Thanks to the GARDENA smart system, your lawnmower is fully connected, and with the smart EasyApp Control you are free to look after your garden, anywhere. Experience the next level of smart lawn care and a whole new way to interact with your robotic lawnmower. The new LONA technology is an AI-based mapping technology with location tracking that learns, maps and adapts to individual gardens. Through the GARDENA smart system app, you always have an overview of the lawn area being mowed, and you also have access to your garden from anywhere. It allows you to review the lawn care maintenance schedule settings at any time.

The many functions of the robotic lawnmower
Thanks to the Zone Management function, you can flexibly decide which areas should be mowed, when and how often. Area protection allows you to determine areas that should not be cut, if, for example, an area with flowers is to be preserved. In addition, the app allows you to keep an eye on the lawnmower's location at all times. As part of the GARDENA smart app, LONA Intelligence will continuously develop and deliver even more exciting and highly relevant product functions. This efficient garden helper is particularly quiet and proudly delivers the lowest noise levels in its class at just 57 db(A), so you can relax in peace and enjoy your garden while it does the hard work. The advanced CorridorCut guides the robotic lawnmower while it mows the small spaces and sharp corners. CorridorCut will even navigate your robotic lawnmower out of difficult dead ends.

The GARDENA smart app has a planning assistant that helps you keep your garden exactly as you want it. With the help of SensorControl, the robot itself assesses how often your lawn needs mowing. It will start at the best time in relation to the grass growth, and this efficient robotic gardener will only go to work when necessary. The innovative point cutting function, a spiral cutting function, lets your smart SILENO city get to work in hard-to-reach areas. When the work is done, smart SILENO city automatically returns home to the charging station. The robotic lawnmower detects whether the ground is frozen and will pause the program until the ground has thawed. It can even master slopes and gradients of up to 35 percent. This smart SILENO city has a multitude of useful functions that you can discover via the GARDENA smart app. EasyConfig guides you through the installation. Auto Schedule means you can trust that smart SILENO city knows when and how to mow your lawn, and with SmartHome you can control your smart SILENO city with your voice using Alexa, your virtual assistant. In addition, the plant library allows you to discover everything you need to know about the world of plants. You really get the full smart experience with our GARDENA smart series and SILENO city.

Registration online
*To use the GARDENA smart system app and the functions of your GARDENA smart garden tool, it is mandatory to create a user account with GARDENA or our group of companies, the Husqvarna Group, prior to online registration. Please see the FAQ for more information.

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Gardena Smart Sileno Life 800 Lona

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