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Hombli - Smart Power Strip



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The Hombli Smart Powerstrip: Smart, Simple, Elegant & Responsible. Energy monitoring. USB-A & USB-C ports (20W PD fast charging). Recycled material. Voice control. Take control of your energy consumption with Hombli. Save energy and turn old-fash…
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The Hombli Smart Powerstrip: Smart, Simple, Elegant & Responsible

Energy monitoring
USB-A & USB-C ports (20W PD fast charging)
Recycled material
Voice control

Take control of your energy consumption with Hombli
Save energy and turn old-fashioned products into smart ones with this elegant power strip. Not only do you get three smart sockets, but the Hombli Smart Powerstrip also doubles as a USB-A and USB-C power adapter! There’s more to this power strip than its elegant appearance; it's crafted from recycled materials, embodying a responsible and eco-friendly approach that goes beyond energy efficiency.

Knowledge is power
When available power sockets are limited, the Hombli Smart Powerstrip is the perfect energy monitoring solution. With the capacity to monitor three plugs and see the usage history in the app, you gain valuable insights so you can start trimming your energy bills. It serves as an easy-to-use energy meter for multiple devices.

Elegance Meets Responsibility in Design
By selecting the Hombli Smart Powerstrip, you can start to reduce your carbon footprint through energy conservation and the choice of sustainable materials. The power strip's plastic body is composed of 50% recycled plastic, thus reducing plastic waste while delivering the elegance and simplicity of Hombli.

Safety first
Safety comes first with Hombli Smart Powerstrips. It is equipped with child protection, overload protection and surge protection, so you can rest assured that your home and everyone in it are safe. Additionally, you have the option to randomly activate various sockets, creating the illusion that you’re at home even when you're away on holiday.

Insight and control with the Hombli app
When you connect the Powerstrip to the Hombli app, you get a full overview and control over your plugged-in devices. You can monitor how much energy is used, set schedules for specific sockets to turn on or off, and even connect it to other smart home devices.

Voice control
The Hombli Smart Powerstrip is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant and responds to your voice commands when you're home.

Your Privacy Matters
Rest assured that your data is secure. Hosted on Amazon's secure servers, we uphold rigorous privacy standards that align with the GDPR directive, ensuring that your data is fully protected at all times. Your privacy is our priority.

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Hombli - Smart Power Strip
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