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Philips Hue - Argenta plate/spiral - White and Color Ambiance  (White)

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Philips Hue - Argenta plate/spiral - White and Color Ambiance (White)



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Philips Hue - Argenta 2 spot - White & Color Ambiance Argenta is one of the new anticipated addition to the Philips Hue family. The tube-shaped spotlight with built in perfect fit GU10 gives you a new chance to achieve the ultimate atmosphere for you an…
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Philips Hue - Argenta  2 spot - White & Color Ambiance 

Argenta is one of the new anticipated addition to the Philips Hue family. The tube-shaped spotlight with built in perfect fit GU10 gives you a new chance to achieve the ultimate atmosphere for you and your home. The adjustable heads give you the option to aim the lights exactly as you want to nuance your room in a perfect way. You can adjust the light of your room with 16 million different nuances with infinite possibilities when it comes to lighting and only your imagination sets the limit. The light source draws much less power than traditional light sources which makes it both good for the environment and your wallet. For a light source that gives your home an attractive ambiance and atmosphere and contributes to the environment with a more pleasant electrical bill, there are few other light sources that has can compete with Philips Hue.

Hue White and Color Ambiance has with the latest technology within lighting, and imence potential and amazing possibilities. You can easily chose between 16 million different colors in the Hue-app, all with the push of a button. Create a cozy atmosphere by dampening the light in the same rhythm as your favourite song. Save your favourite setting so that you later on easily can change from one to another. When it comes to Hue-Color, it is really the imagination of the user that sets the boundaries. Create the most amazing experience with your own home lighting.

You smartphone is the remote for you home lighting. Experience peace of mind and safety in your home through the wireless, remote controlling of the light where ever you are. Create a rotation scheme that turn your lights on and off during certain points of the day. Philips Hue White was created for the practical consumer that enjoys having a smarthome that welcomes you home whenever that might be. They can also all be turned of when you leave the home through functions like geo-fencing. A perfect choice for the simple consumer that still wants something extra.

By connecting the Hue-lamps with the Hue Bridge will you experience a world of possibilities. Integrate your entire light system with the TV (works with the Philips Ambilight) or take the gaming experience to a whole new level by connecting your Philips Hue system to one of the amazing third party applications found for both iOS and Andriod. 

This Philips Hue-lamp can wake you up in a more natural way, by immitating a sunrise by slowly increasing the brightness of its light. This funktion can be put on a timer, so that you wake up everyday in a more harmonic manner. 

Through a technology called geo-fencing, this lightsource can turn on or off autimatically when you either enter or leave your home. You can also create specific or random time schedules and rotation schemes that make sure that the light is turned on or off whenever you are not home (when travelling or away for the evening), and in this way increase the generall security of your home. 


915005762001 EAN: 8718696171585
915005762401 EAN: 8718696171622

Upplýsingar um vöru

SKU númer
Philips Hue - Argenta plate/spiral - White and Color Ambiance (White)
Adjustable spot head
Bulb lifetime
15000 h
Bulb power
5.5 W
Bulb technology
Bulb type
Colour temperature (max)
6500 K
Colour temperature (min)
2000 K
Eye comfort
Fitting/cap type
Fixture dimmable
Housing material
International Protection (IP) code
Light colour
Light source replaceable
Lighting style
Number of bulbs
2 bulb(s)
Product colour
Protection class
Replacement bulb power (max)
6 W
Suitable location
Bedroom, Living room
Smart ceiling light
AC input frequency
50 - 60 Hz
AC input voltage
220-240 V
Bulb voltage
Weight & dimensions
305 mm
127 mm
305 mm
743 g
89 mm
Packaging data
Package depth
143 mm
Package gross weight
1.09 kg
Package height
208 mm
Package length
14.3 cm
Package net weight
740 g
Package weight
1.09 kg
Package width
343 mm
Technical details
Dimmable with Hue app & switch
EAN/UPC/GTIN (packaging)
Input voltage
50–60 Hz
Net weight
743 g
SAP EAN gross weight per piece
1092 g
SAP height per piece
208,000 cm
SAP length per piece
143,000 cm
SAP width per piece
343,000 cm
Other features
Compatible bulb energy efficiency classes (old)
A, A+, A++, B, C, D, E
Included bulb energy efficiency class (old)
Total luminous flux
700 lm

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