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Lille Kanin - Bath And Baby Oil 100 ml + Lille Kanin - Rich Creme 50 ml + Lille Kanin - SOS Balm 30 ml

Contains: Lille Kanin - Bath And Baby Oil 100 ml. Lille Kanin - Rich Creme 50 ml. Lille Kanin - SOS Balm 30 ml. A nourishing organic oil with vitamin E. The oil is a multi-product with many functions. It can be used both as a moisturizer by applying dire…
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  • Lille Kanin - Bath And Baby Oil 100 ml

  • Lille Kanin - Rich Creme 50 ml

  • Lille Kanin - SOS Balm 30 ml

A nourishing organic oil with vitamin E. The oil is a multi-product with many functions.

It can be used both as a moisturizer by applying directly to the skin or in the bathtub.

Are you looking for the perfect oil for the smallest of the family? Then Lille Kanin Bath & Baby Oil is a safe and natural choice. It is made with organic jojoba oil and argan oil, which provides instant moisture to your child's skin. Furthermore, the oil contains natural vitamin E, which also has a moisturizing and nourishing effect. Bad & Baby Oil is dermatologically tested, certified vegan and also carries the certifications Allergy Certified, Asthma Allergy Nordic, EcoCert Cosmos and the Nordic Ecolabel.

Lille Kanin Bath & Baby Oil is also ideal for the mother-to-be! The oil will provide extra care for the stretched skin on your growing belly.


  • Body and bath oil for your baby

  • Contains natural vitamin E

  • With moisturizing, organic oils

  • Provides immediate nourishment to the skin

  • Can be used in the bath water

  • Also suitable for the pregnant stomach

  • Dermatologically tested and certified vegan


  • Should be applied to damp skin so that the oil penetrates more easily. If you or your child bathe frequently, it is a good trick to add 1-2 pumps of oil to the bathtub to add extra moisture.

  • The oil is useful in many situations and for many things:

  • As a body oil, which is applied to damp skin after bathing

  • As a moisturizer and care in the bathtub

  • To remove scars on baby's scalp

  • Cure for dry and flaky scalp

  • Massage oil

  • For body and intimate shaving

  • Intimate care

  • Foot bath

  • Cuticle care

  • Make-up remover

The cream acts as a moisturizer on the skin, preventing water from penetrating, while still allowing the skin to breathe.

Despite the name, Fed Creme is still easy to spread. The cream is particularly good for dry patches and can also be used with advantage on the face.

Fat cream has a fat content of 53%


  • Fat cream with 53% fat content

  • Contains organic coconut oil

  • Added natural sesame oil and natural vitamin E

  • Provides optimal moisture for dry skin

  • Forms a breathable membrane on the skin to protect against drying out

  • Dermatologically tested

  • In a practical, air-free packaging

  • Suitable for the whole family


  • Use 1-2 pumps and apply to dry spots/areas on the skin.

  • Can be advantageously used:

  • In the face

  • For the body for extra care

  • To care for scars

  • As intimate care for children as well as mother after birth


  • Feel free to mix Fed Creme with SOS balm if certain areas of the baby need extra care.

  • Is suitable for intimate care for children as well as for mothers after childbirth.

  • The cream can also be used to care for your new tattoo.

SOS Balm is a product that can be used by the whole family and can be used for many purposes.

The balm is a multi-product that both moisturizes and softens the skin, which makes it particularly good for dry skin.

SOS Balm has the following certifications;

Allergy Certified.

Minimal risk of developing allergies

The Swan label.

Minimal environmental impact during production


Traceability and strict requirements for naturalness, organic origin and purity

Asthma Allergy Nordic.

Does not contain asthma and allergy-causing ingredients and is free of perfume


No animals in either production, development or ingredients

Dermatologically tested.

Product has been tested for skin irritation on a voluntary test group led by a dermatologist

It contains, among other things:

  • Organic Argan Oil

  • Natural Olive Oil

  • Natural vitamin E


  • Fat balm

  • With natural ingredients

  • Gives the skin instant moisture

  • Has a protective and restorative effect

  • Ideal for the diaper bag

  • Suitable for both child and parent

  • Can be used for the whole body


  • Balm for everything – The great balm can be used all year round and by everyone in the family.

  • The most common usage situations can be;

  • Relief of red baby bottom

  • Moisturizing dry areas or spots on the body

  • Small scratches or skin abrasions

  • Counteract itching and burning when, for example, touching plants or insect bites

  • Chapped lips

  • For sore nipples both before, during and after breastfeeding

  • Some more seasonal use situations are as a frost barrier for baby's cheeks in winter. The balm does not contain water and is therefore perfect to apply to the cheeks before a trip to the playground or before putting the baby in the pram.

  • In the summer, the balm is ideal if you are unlucky enough to get a sunburn.

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Lille Kanin - Bath And Baby Oil 100 ml + Lille Kanin - Rich Creme 50 ml + Lille Kanin - SOS Balm 30 ml
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